Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick Kiddos

We were doing really well with keeping up with our Advent calendar, and then Jackson and Claire both got sick, and life went on hold for a few days. Thankfully, everyone is feeling better. Jackson had a pretty rough sinus infection, and Claire had her worst ear infection, yet. She was pretty pitiful last week. She ran a high fever, and had some tummy troubles. Our pediatrician actually recommended at her last visit (last Tuesday) that we needed to take her to an ENT, and discuss getting tubes in her ears. She has had 6 ear infections in the last 8 months, each time in both ears (I think). She has also had fluid on her left ear since October. We have been praying that God would heal her little ears...and today, we went to the doctor, and both of her ears looked perfect, and the fluid was no longer on her left ear. Praise the Lord! We still go to the ENT next week, but I am hoping that we can hold off on doing anything for a while, if that is what is best for her.

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