Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old McDonald had a Farm

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Old McDonald's Farm after church.  This was our second year going to the farm.  It is just about 10 or 15 minutes from our house.  Our favorite part is going on a hay ride out into the pumpkin patch and picking our own pumpkin!

HPUMP Pumpkin Festival 2012

Friday was the Pumpkin Festival at Jackson's school.  Blake took off work to come be part of the festivities.  It was a special day for Mr. Jackson!

Jack O' Lantern Festival

On Saturday, we headed to the Nature Center to the Jack O'Lantern Festival.  This was our first time going, and it was so much fun!!  We went on a hay ride, and the colors were amazing!  There were lots of games, horse and buggy rides, storytelling, a bonfire, a petting zoo, crafts for the kids to make, smores to roast, and face painting.  My favorite part was watching the Charlie Brown Halloween outdoors sitting on hay bales! Always thankful for a\family time. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Twinkies

 Jack 2008
 Claire 2012
I can't hardly believe how much they look alike!!! 

Halloween: A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is Jackson's first Halloween in 2008.  He was a "Jack" O'Lantern.  Cutest pumpkin I have ever seen!
Family Picture at TMC Trunk or Treat. 
Halloween 2009:  Freeman Family Farmers
Sniff.  I need a tissue, please.
Halloween 2010:  Madeline Claire was about 2 weeks old, and wore Halloween jammies.
My sweet Jackson was a train conductor.  Blake was a soccer player, and I was wearing maternity jeans. :)
Halloween 2011:  Claire was a pumpkin (Jack's first Halloween costume, minus the tights).  Jack was Dr. Wiley and Blake was his patient. 
I can not wait to dress them up in their 2012 outfits!!  So excited! Pics to follow!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in Pics

Noteworthy events of the week:
-We are tiling our master bathroom, and regrouting the hall bath.  We currently have one functioning restroom, and a toilet in our garage. :)  We are thankful that the Blazek family is helping immensely with this task.  It is going to look really nice when it is finished.
-I am teaching Jackson how to read.  Darla borrowed some level A books from her work for me....we are currently working on sight words.  He knows all of his letters and sounds, so I feel like he is ready.  This week, he learned the word "is" and "a."  He read a book by himself called "Dad."  So proud of him!
-Claire is cracking us up these days.  Some things she is saying are:  "I want some ice water."  "I am hungry, and I want some oatmeal."  "I am gonna be the bad guys."  She is talking nonstop these days. 
-I finished reading Wild Things:  The Art of Raising Boys.  The best parenting book I have read.
-I finished Jack's Christmas shopping this week!  Now on to my baby girl!  
-I love fall!!  My favorite season!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Lovely Little Claire

 Thank you Lord for our daughter.  Please continue to give us wisdom and grace as we raise her to serve You.  Help us to always point her towards You.  Thank you for blessing us with sweet Madeline Claire.  We love her to pieces!