Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Miss Claire had a little accident in her Sunday clothes this week, and sported her pajamas during church...I didn't get a picture of the kiddos dressed up this are some shots that Robin got Thursday. I am going to try to order birth announcements this week. I found a few shops on Etsy where you get someone to design them for you, and then you can just print off the file at Walgreens, Wolf...etc. May give it a try.

29: Tricycle Bruise

28: Mater the Greater

This was the first one...a little scary.....

Jackson loves Mater from Cars. I saw these cupcakes on Bakerella, and thought Jackson would enjoy making them. I actually thought about making them for his birthday party....but making one "Mater" involves three cupcakes...and I am not sure of many three year olds that need 3 cupcakes with icing and M&Ms in one sitting. A couple of them turned out cute...some of them looked a little scary....Jackson and Emma could have cared less....they just wanted to eat the decorations.

27: Play Date and 3 Month Pictures

I just love getting these little clothes out of the dryer...

Thursday, Robin took Claire's 3 month pictures. I think she is quite talented, and should start her own gig. :) Jackson and Ben played and played. I was a sub during a Bunco game, again. I almost walked away with $10.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26: Wordless Wednesday

25: Just Call me Grace

Last night, at 11:37...I realized I forgot to take my daily vitamin.
Thank goodness, this little bundle of joy was NOT in my arms.
I ended up laying in the floor...taking Advil, and crying like a little baby...
Because I tripped over this. Flipped over the front of it.
And smacked my jaw on this. The very hard corner of the couch. I have a bruise on the side of my face...Just call me Grace.

24: To know Jackson... to love him. He is so, so silly. Blake put him to bed the other night, and he came flying through the living room on the ole' Radio Flyer...with his high tops on. He flew right past us, and just went on with his we were not going to see he was out of his room.

Oh, and if you didn't see the ramblings on Facebook...Blake has his first cavity, and he is FREAKING out. His procedure is next week. The cavity is tiny. He is a big boy. I think he will be okay.

Monday, January 24, 2011

23: Sunday Snapshots

Happy Birthday to Darla to me, Nandee to Jackson and Claire, and Mama to Blake! Yesterday
we celebrated her birthday after church.

22: The Pioneer Woman

Has anyone else tried any of the Pioneer Woman's recipes? They are delicious!! I have made the Chicken Parmesan, Pinto Beans, and Chicken and Dumplings. I am starting to enjoy cooking so much...I may need a new apron! And another one for my sweet, little helper!

21:Valentine Cookies

On Friday, I babysat Ms. Emma, and Abby and her mom came by for a visit. We made Valentine cookies...just sugar cookie dough and sprinkles. Yummy! I think Claire looks like Blake in this picture....

20: Potty Training

We are in potty training mode at our house. Can you tell? I have removed the outer layer of Jackson's wardrobe to assist with the extra amount of laundry associated with this task. We were setting a timer...but I felt as if I were doing some type of psychological damage to my son. We were at Publix and every time he heard the timer in the bakery "ding ," he thought he needed to go use the restroom...a Pavlovian response of sorts.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I read this today, and thought it was worth sharing.

19: Wordless Wednesday

18: Just Another Day in Paradise

Brotherly Love.
Making a Snow Scene and Snowman out of cotton balls.

More excitement than Sis could handle...

17: MLK Day

Blake was off work Monday, he watched the kiddos for a while so I could clean up our house. Being snowed in for a whole week made for lots of messes...and potty training a certain little boy leads to LOTS of laundry.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

16: Sunday Snapshots

Nothing says "Sunday is a day of rest," better than Donnie Freeman trying out my steam mop....

15: Bowling

First things first: Somebody stole our snowman's teeth. RUDE! Jackson was upset and cried...he didn't understand why someone would take something that didn't belong to them. Hard to explain that to a 2 year old! I wrote a note a posted it on our snowman, requesting that his teeth be returned. They are still missing.

Saturday night, the Blazek's invited us over for dinner, and then to go bowling. It was hilarious. Jackson loved it, until he mashed his fingers...he got very upset and had a total meltdown. They are a little bruised today, but he is okay.