Wednesday, March 30, 2011

90: Wordless Wednesday

89: Yum!

Blake helped with dinner last night. He marinated and baked chicken in this salad delicious!

88: Just Monday

I made these to take to dinner that our church prepared for a ministry, "Room in the Inn." They are cake cookies. They are so delicious...and so easy to make. There may have been a few cookies missing by the time I took them to their final destination.

87: Sunday Snapshots

86: Sweet Sibling Love

85: Landscaping Project



Thursday, March 24, 2011

84: Spring Break Staycation

Don't tell me the stroller won't fit..:)

Blake's parents renewed our Discovery Museum for Jackson's birthday. Yay! We decided to take Jackson and Claire this morning. We invited Blake's parents to join us. The museum is always a blast.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

83: Wordless Wednesday

82: Book Worm

I love to read. Always have. I have been making time to read more, since I really enjoy it so much. The only problem is...once I start reading, if I get really into the book, I can't put the book down. For example...Redeeming Love, GREAT book. So good, that even though my children were all asleep, I stayed up until 2:30 the other night, actually morning, to finish. If you love Christian Fiction, I highly recommend this story. The love story paralells God's love for his children, and is based on the book of Hosea. It is now on my favorites list.
I also read 29 Gifts. This book is about learning to life a lifestyle of giving to others, and follows a lady that starts living this lifestyle for 29 days. It was a good, quick, easy read, and made me really think about intentional giving to others. Not necessarily monetary gifts...a note, giving of your time, baking cookies, or just doing favors for people.
I am now reading Shepherding a Child's Heart.

81: Monday Messes

Blake and I have been working on some projects around the house during Spring Break. Monday, Blake went through the house with paint and touched up some places that were showing a little "we live here." Blake gave a Jackson an old paint brush so he He got quiet Monday night, and he had created his own paint concoction in a Gerber snack bowl and was painting Claire's room...with Buzz Lightyear shampoo. Thankfully, this was a free mess. No permanent damage was done.