Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Friday, December 28, 2012

Week in Pics

Lunch at PF Changs with Nana, Papa, and Uncle Nathan.
Loving on my nephew, Brian!
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.
Blake got an Apple TV for Christmas.  We have Disney Junior.  So excited! 
The day the Mayan Calendar Ended.  I was at Wal Mart a few days before Christmas with about 1/2 a register open.  I was about to lose my mind. Seriously.
Elliott Beth Striepling.  My BFF had her baby girl on Christmas Eve. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Johnson Family Christmas

Christmas with Nana and Papa

My brother took all of my dad's old home videos and put them on DVDs for him.  We watched some of them after breakfast.  Blake now has proof that I used to be really skinny and I could do round offs, back hand springs, and back tucks.  It was also very funny watching miscellaneous band concerts and parades that Blake and I were both in, yet we never talked to each other!

Jackson got a pomegranate in his stocking.  His favorite!

Baby Brian's first Christmas.  Precious.

Jackson was very excited about his new Ninja turtle!

Sissy was so tired, but was loving her new Dyson.  How CUTE!

As good as it gets for the camera these days.  Merry Christmas!

Santa Came!!

Blake and I are still kind of working through how we want Christmas morning gift giving to look at our house.  We really like the 4 gift rule (something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read).  We like Jackson and Claire exchanging gifts.  We also have this silly debate about wrapping gifts.  I think everything should be wrapped.  Blake thinks nothing should be wrapped.  It doesn't matter in the scheme of things...but it is a yearly discussion.  So we kind of stuck to the 4 gift rule this year...a few extra presents got in the pile, but I think that is okay. 

Jackson was totally excited this year...So. Much. Fun.  He had asked for a hula hoop, Batman robe, and a Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship for Christmas.  So (for my memory only): 
Something you want:  Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship
Something you need: a winter coat
Something to wear: Batman robe and slippers
Something to Read:  The Kissing Hand book
 Claire got him a Mr. Freeze Batman toy.  

Claire was really sleepy Christmas morning.  But, has been cooking all kinds of things since Christmas Day.
Something you want: a kitchen
Something you need: a winter coat
Something to wear: an apron for her cooking endeavors
Something to Read:  A book of Nursery Rhymes
Jackson bought Claire a Baby Alive doll.  She LOVES it!

We had such a fun morning.    I am so overwhelmingly thankful for this life I am blessed with. 

And the Children Were Nestled...All Snug in their Beds

Christmas Eve 2012

Sweet Josie Jane.

Jackson got what he really wanted:  A Hula Hoop!

I am sorry for all those who missed out on this.

This was after church....feeding the reindeer.

Right before we left to go to Nandee and Pop's, Jackson wrapped up one of his toys to give to Josie. Sweet boy!

I love how they are adoring her!

Christmas Eve Breakfast

Pop reading the Christmas Story. 

Tired Sissy.