Sunday, July 29, 2012

Play Date

We went to a play date at Veryll's house Thursday.  Veryll made a delicious healthy lunch, and our kids had so much fun!  All of these "babies" have been going to church together their whole lives pretty much, and have all been taught by Mrs. Betty...they all sat down to lunch, and started singing "God Our Father," which is the little prayer they sing in her 2 and 3 year old class.  What a Godly legacy she is leaving in our children's hearts.  I am so thankful that Jackson and Claire get to grow up with much wonderful families and their children. 

Going for the Gold!

Friday was Jack's last gymnastics class for the summer.  He will start back in September.  We asked him if he wanted to keep taking classes, and he said he does.  Claire may also start taking the "Mommy and Me" class.  We are loving watching the Olympics! 

Splash Pad

Jackson's friend, Caden, had his birthday party at the Splash Pad.  We had a such a fun time!  The last time we went, it was crowded, but this time there were just two birthday parties going on.  Jackson had a blast!!  Happy Birthday, Caden!!

A funny note about the Splash Pad:  Jackson is normally very easy going, but when he gets upset...he is upset and often can not recover.  The last time we went, Jack got sunscreen in his eyes, and had a TOTAL meltdown, and we had to leave.  This time he busted his leg up on the concrete, and could not recover!  Poor buddy! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phone Photos

We have basic cable, and do not have Disney Junior.  I wish we could just pay for that channel!  Since they don't allow such, every once in a while we will buy Jackson and Claire a DVD of shows of Disney that they like.  Jackson likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Claire LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  At Target on Monday, I bought Claire her first Mickey Mouse DVD.  She carried it proudly around Target saying, "Minnie Mouse has a big bow."  LOVE HER!  As you can see, she loved her new movie, and was actually not moving for about 10 minutes.  This girl never stops going! 
Chik Fil A after Bible School Saturday.
This made me crack up!!  Scott sent this to Blake on Saturday during Bible School.  Jack really thinks he is Batman.  

I had a few minutes tonight, and was going to upload pictures from my phone, but after these three, my computer started acting crazy....maybe I will try again another day! 

Sunday Snapshots

Jackson completed his very first VBS at The Ministry Center this week!  He had so much fun!!  Kevin and Jennifer (our children's pastors) did such a great job!  Everything was super organized, the kids had a blast, and most importantly learned about Jesus!  Jackson has told us several times that "All things are possible with God."  I know I can use that daily reminder, coupled with child like faith!  Jackson was in the Preschool Treehouse with Mrs. Beth and his friends.  Our VBS was Wednesday-Sunday, which I thought was such a great idea.  Lots of families attended our church on Sunday for the last lesson.  We had a dinner afterwards.  I just love my church family!

Afterwards, we did a little yard work, rode bikes, and cleaned some things out of our garage.  Doesn't that sound exciting? :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Claire Discovers Nutella

I LOVE this girly, and Thursday was a big day for Claire.  She reached a milestone.  She discovered Nutella.  Jackson and I love it, and now Claire does, too.  I may have gotten a big spoonful out while I was babysitting Thursday, and left it sitting on the counter.  Claire found it, got the lid off, and found one of Jackson's toys to use as her spoon.  She tried to drink it!  We let her go to town....she was a sticky mess and she had just had a bath, but I am NOT taking a girl away from her Nutella.  Carry on, Claire!

VBS 2012: Thursday Night

VBS 2012: Friday

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunday Snapshots