Friday, July 20, 2012

Claire Discovers Nutella

I LOVE this girly, and Thursday was a big day for Claire.  She reached a milestone.  She discovered Nutella.  Jackson and I love it, and now Claire does, too.  I may have gotten a big spoonful out while I was babysitting Thursday, and left it sitting on the counter.  Claire found it, got the lid off, and found one of Jackson's toys to use as her spoon.  She tried to drink it!  We let her go to town....she was a sticky mess and she had just had a bath, but I am NOT taking a girl away from her Nutella.  Carry on, Claire!


Britt612 said...

We just discovered Nutella ourselves and are ADDICTED!! So far my favorite is with strawberries and raspberries. Way to go Claire!

V-n-J said...

Nutella on waffles ... thats almost a daily staple here! Claire finally discovered the GOOD stuff!!!