Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phone Photos

We have basic cable, and do not have Disney Junior.  I wish we could just pay for that channel!  Since they don't allow such, every once in a while we will buy Jackson and Claire a DVD of shows of Disney that they like.  Jackson likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Claire LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  At Target on Monday, I bought Claire her first Mickey Mouse DVD.  She carried it proudly around Target saying, "Minnie Mouse has a big bow."  LOVE HER!  As you can see, she loved her new movie, and was actually not moving for about 10 minutes.  This girl never stops going! 
Chik Fil A after Bible School Saturday.
This made me crack up!!  Scott sent this to Blake on Saturday during Bible School.  Jack really thinks he is Batman.  

I had a few minutes tonight, and was going to upload pictures from my phone, but after these three, my computer started acting crazy....maybe I will try again another day! 

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