Sunday, July 1, 2012


Towards the end of May, I was pulling in the driveway from Publix.   Blake called to let me know that he would be changing jobs for the 2012-2013 school year.  Knowing that he could be placed at any school in the county from Ooltewah to Sale Creek, we were both surprised and excited that he would be going to Soddy Daisy Middle School, as the principal.  Only 7 minutes from our house.  He has been driving downtown for the past five years, so that was exciting!  This is the school we both went to as middle schoolers, and Blake is very excited about serving at the school in our community.

This situation did not come without a few little quirks.  Blake's mom has taught at SDMS for 18 years, and his aunt, Tina, has also taught there for a long tenure as well.  Darla (and Tina, too) both received letters that stated they were being relocated to new positions due to the nepotism clause in the Memorandum of Agreement.  Seriously, who gets a promotion, and his mom and aunt get displaced from their job?

 Tina and Darla both got placed in great schools.  Both are now teaching elementary school.  Darla is teaching 2nd grade at Allen.  I know she will be awesome.

Tomorrow, Blake officially starts his new position, and I am super proud of his accomplishment.  

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