Sunday, June 27, 2010

23 Weeks

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Sweet Summertime

This week...we swam. We went to the Aquarium. I made my first home made blackberry cobbler. We had friends over and sat up a water park in our front yard. We made room for baby and donated 3 bags of goodies to charity, and put an extra bag of trash out for the garbage truck. We went on a road trip, and I got to spend Friday with my best friend. We went to the library and to a birthday party. Yep, I love summer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

22ish Week Doctor Visit

I went to visit the doctor today to get Ms. Baby Girl checked out. She is doing great. Her heart rate was 140. My blood pressure was 120/70. I have gained 9 pounds so far. I go back in 4 weeks, and at that time they will also schedule the ole' sugar test for right at 28 weeks. I know I can't study for that test, but it sure would be nice to pass it! I am an overacheiver in case you didn't know! I am so thankful that my girl is doing so good! All 3 of us love her so much already!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Love the Museum!

22 Weeks

Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Our Girl

Since Blake is off work this month, we are trying to get just a couple of things finished around the house before school starts back. The first one will probably take forever: cleaning out the office/playroom/catch-all room that will soon be our new nursery. It is a mess!! I can't even bring myself to post the before pictures of the room because there is so much STUFF in there. We (Blake and a selected moving crew) will be taking my piano back to my parents' house, trying to figure out what to do with the nice desk that we really don't have room for, and doing something with a huge chest of heirloom quilts that belong to me. Also, the closet if filled to the more decluttering at the the Freeman's! My goal is to have the room empty by the end of the month or the first of July.
We did put our girls' bed and furniture in lay a way a few weeks ago. I thought I would get white furniture, but in the end we liked a dark wood, and it was on sale!

We also got her bedding while we were on vacation last week. I found a Pottery Barn Kids in Birmingham, and we stopped on the way home, and I am glad I actually got to pick it out in person. We ended up deciding on something that I probably would not have even looked at twice on the website. It is just different shades of pink plaid, and I want her room to look simple and girly, so I think this is a good start. Below are some pictures I copied off of the web site of her bedding.

Feeling pretty good, and she is moving alot, it is just really hot!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 21

It. is. hot.

Orange Beach: Wednesday/ Thursday

On our last full day at the beach, I wanted to take some beach pictures on our way out to dinner. Brad quickly got a few shots of the three of us, and then I got really hot, and felt like a dork, and almost puked in the sand dunes. I think we got one family shot, and I went in and sat in the lobby.
We then went to Lulu's to eat dinner. It was my favorite dinner spot on the trip. I treated myself to a virgin Pina Colada, and watched Jackson play in the huge sandpit they had at the restaurant. I had a Fried Green Tomato sandwich, and it was so yummy!
Thursday, we headed back to reality. We had an awesome, relaxing trip. I am super excited that Blake is still on vacation for several more weeks! Teaching does have its perks!

Orange Beach: Tuesday

Most of the people you see in the above picture have on yellow gloves and orange vests....I think they are early morning oil patrol.Jackson helping daddy out with the sunscreen. This family has to thoroughly cover in SPF 50 before leaving the indoors, all summer.

Morning Schedule: Ocean and Playing in the sand. Jackson and Brad buried Blake in the sand. The oil was worse than the day before, and got on Jackson and Blake again, so we cleaned off, and headed to the pool. Blake had to change Jackson's clothes, due to the oil. We swam and stayed in the lazy river until lunch and naptime.

Afternoon: Lunches and LONG nap. Ahhh....

Evening: Blake and I cooked spaghetti and garlic bread. We then headed out to Dippin' Dots and got dessert. Jackson was a little resistant at first to the new type of ice cream, but then realized it was pretty good stuff. He then enjoyed lots of attention from Aunt Lydia, including a flamingo race through the condo.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Orange Beach: Monday

Monday's Itinerary:

AM: Beach, Pool, Lazy River


Nap for Jackson and Mommy; TV/Movie time for Daddy

Dinner: Lambert's- This restaurant was a country cookin' kind of place with a twist. A waiter walked around and if you wanted bread, you simply raised your hand, and a roll was thrown to you. The waiters and waitresses also walked around with different stock pots of fried potatoes, black eyed peas, okra, and some other side items I can't remember, and if you wanted some on your plate, you raised your hand, and they filled up your plate. It was entertaining, and delicious!

After Dinner: We drove to a pier and watched the sunset. God's handiwork is, oh, so, beautiful!