Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014

                                              I can't believe January has already came and gone!
        We got back into our routines after Christmas.
 I broke my toe.
 Lots of play time with our best buddy!
 Sissy drew her first stick figure person.

 My paycheck!

 Blake is working for the State Department of Education doing some training sessions.  This means monthly Nashville visits for the next few months!!

                Discovery Museum!

 She hates the car wash!!
 My buddy!! Love him!!

 Claire gave up her pacifier(s).  She had them hid all over the place. 

                                         1 dusting of snow.  1 snow apocalypse.

Elliott Beth!

A frozen up something that made our heat not work. 

Claire's new big girl bed and no pacifier has wreaked havoc on her sleeping habits.  She no longer naps, and has narcolepsy. 

We are ALL adjusting!

Josie Jane is in the house!!

We had more fun with a box than any family really should.

Jackson is playing his first season of Upward Basketball. 

I started working out again.  I lost THREE pounds in January.  I feel like this is unfair for the quality of my hard work.   #alishaprobs

January was a good month!  Blake got off work for almost a whole week for snow/ice.  I can't believe there are only 4 months left of this school year.  It has truly flown by!