Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

We Moved....In July!!!

I haven't even blogged about one of the biggest events of 2013.  We moved on July 3.  We put our first home on the market in January 2013.  That was 5 months of absolute craziness.  Our house often showed every day, sometimes twice.  We really "live" in our home, and we were suddenly not able to do that...I eventually bought a large clothes hamper and would just throw anything in that hamper that wasn't in its proper place and throw it in the back of my car and drive around while our house was showing.  Crazy!

At the first of May,  our house went under contract.  A young, single woman bought our house, and I was happy to not be driving around town with my hamper, but really sad!  When our house sold, we went house hunting many, many times, and really couldn't find what we were looking for.  We put an bid on one house, and even though we felt it was a good offer, they turned us down.  We were feeling a bit discouraged....but we had no idea someone was getting ready to list a house we have always loved!  I have always wanted a white house with black shutters, and a red front door.  I was searching the MLS listings on a Wednesday night after church, and started laughing and told Blake to run to the computer, that I found our house!  We came to look at the house on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and put in an offer on a Sunday (which also happened to be Mother's Day!).  Two offers were submitted, and they picked ours!  We are so thankful for our new (to us) house.

This new (to us) house was built in 1976.  The previous owners lived here for 27 years, and were precious!  We promised them we would take care of the house they loved so much.  We love it here, but it really doesn't matter where you call long as you are with the ones you love. Even if you are riding around town with a laundry hamper in your car.

Parenthood: Real Life

So, yeah.  Sleep.  Bedtime.  Sleeping Habits.  To each their own.  Jackson has never been that great of a sleeper.  It takes him a while to wind down at night.  He also hates being upstairs alone at night.  Claire used to be a FABULOUS sleeper.  Until we took her crib apart.  And took her pacifier away.

So, basically it is very important to Blake and I that Jackson and Claire start out sleeping in their own beds at night.  But, about 4:30 each morning, these two munchkins find their way into our bed, which we are totally fine with.  Blake has got a couple of interesting pictures of our family after he gets up to get in the shower for work.  There obviously isn't much than can keep me from sleeping!  I guess after 6 years of motherhood, I sleep when (and however) I can!