Saturday, April 12, 2014

Parenthood: Real Life

So, yeah.  Sleep.  Bedtime.  Sleeping Habits.  To each their own.  Jackson has never been that great of a sleeper.  It takes him a while to wind down at night.  He also hates being upstairs alone at night.  Claire used to be a FABULOUS sleeper.  Until we took her crib apart.  And took her pacifier away.

So, basically it is very important to Blake and I that Jackson and Claire start out sleeping in their own beds at night.  But, about 4:30 each morning, these two munchkins find their way into our bed, which we are totally fine with.  Blake has got a couple of interesting pictures of our family after he gets up to get in the shower for work.  There obviously isn't much than can keep me from sleeping!  I guess after 6 years of motherhood, I sleep when (and however) I can!


Karen Ward said...

I almost spit my cereal out over those pictures of you and the kids sleeping. THAT. IS. AWESOME.

Debbie Farmer said...

So cute, just love your little family and your sweet blog.