Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week in Pics

We have had a nice week this week.  Blake worked Monday thru Thursday, and was home pretty early most days.  Yay for family time!  He also got to come home for lunch, which is an extra bonus!!  We have had lots of rain this week, which was much needed.  We have had a couple of pajama days, and took lots of naps. :)  Jackson watched Hercules and LOVED it.  Above is Claire showing her muscles.
This is the costume Jackson created.  I just love it.  He loves to dress up and pretend, and it cracks me up!
Our landscaping in the front has been very low on the priority list, and Tuesday night, Blake couldn't handle it anymore.  Ha!  He got started on a project out front.  He completely weeded the front flower bed, and our (his)  plan is to trim the bushes, lay a new barrier, buy fresh mulch, and put some river rock around the edges. 
Monday, we met Robin and Ben at the Aquarium and water play area.  Our plan was to go to the Aquarium...unfortunately we went to get our tickets, and were rudely informed that our passes are expired...even though the card says August 2011-August 2012.  On the back in TINY print, there is a clause that says they expire at the end of the school year.  Luckily, Jackson did not care at all, and was just excited to play in the water with his best friend for several hours.

Other Weekly Randoms:
-Blake and Jack have been watching Andy Griffith on Netflix at night.  Jack loves it.  I wonder if my family lives in the wrong decade?  Just kidding.
-I made two new things this week in the kitchen..nothing fabulous.  I have just never made them before.  I made banana bread...I usually make pumpkin.  I cooked black beans in the Crock Pot...they were so good.  I usually just buy a can of them. 
-Jack wrote his alphabet.  I was proud.

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The Wood Family said...

Yay for a good week. Looks like lots of fun! Love and miss you all!