Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in Pics

Noteworthy events of the week:
-We are tiling our master bathroom, and regrouting the hall bath.  We currently have one functioning restroom, and a toilet in our garage. :)  We are thankful that the Blazek family is helping immensely with this task.  It is going to look really nice when it is finished.
-I am teaching Jackson how to read.  Darla borrowed some level A books from her work for me....we are currently working on sight words.  He knows all of his letters and sounds, so I feel like he is ready.  This week, he learned the word "is" and "a."  He read a book by himself called "Dad."  So proud of him!
-Claire is cracking us up these days.  Some things she is saying are:  "I want some ice water."  "I am hungry, and I want some oatmeal."  "I am gonna be the bad guys."  She is talking nonstop these days. 
-I finished reading Wild Things:  The Art of Raising Boys.  The best parenting book I have read.
-I finished Jack's Christmas shopping this week!  Now on to my baby girl!  
-I love fall!!  My favorite season!!

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