Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap: Stream of Randomness Edition

New Year's Eve always causes me to be a little contemplative, and look back on the past year's events. It has been a good year. God has been so good to us. He is so faithful, I am so undeserving. He loves me. He is good. He holds us in the palm of his hand. I can see that He is ordering every step in our family's life, and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us.

This year, we really transitioned from being a family of 3 to 4. Even though Claire was with us in 2010, she was still sleeping a lot and was still pretty low maintenance. She was a tiny thing this time last year. I love that they are pretty close in age, especially now that Claire is older. They have a fun time together. Even though, some days I am really tired, this is the life I have always wanted, and I count it ALL joy. I love being a mom.

Jackson will be FOUR in February, and I just can't hardly believe it. Where does the time go? Jackson potty trained in 2011. That might seem like a crazy thing to remember for the year, but it was a really big deal! We had two children in diapers for several months. Enough said.

I was looking back at last year, and my goal was to lose some weight and eat healthier. I lost between 15 and 20 pounds (depending on what day of the month I weigh in). I feel better, but what I am most happy about is that our family eats a pretty healthy diet, and I have so much more energy. I still can not get into a regular exercise routine. I really want to work on that this year. And continue making good food choices.

Blake got a new job this year. I really think his gray hair is decreasing. For real.

Jackson started to preschool in the fall. I am very interested in parent/teacher conference we will attend in February. It is very interesting being a former teacher, and sitting on the other side of the table.

This year, I want to pray more. Get in The Word more. Be a better wife and mother. Drink more water. Eat less sugar. Have friends over more. Read more books. Laugh a whole lot. Be intentional with everything I do. Be a good Aunt. Savor every moment. And love people.

Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness this year. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in 2012.


The Wood Family said...

Love it all and love you more!

V-n-J said...

So when do we come over:)

Really proud of you on your weight loss goal. You look great and I know you feel great. You wanna Zumba sometime? We can shake it together lol! Love you friend ... here's to an amazing 2012 for you and your sweet family.