Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jackson's Preschool Program

I should have know the morning was going to be interesting when I gouged myself in the head with my thumbnail and started profusely bleeding while I was drying my hair. Would NOT stop bleeding. I think I will have a scar. Have I mentioned that I don't even have long fingernails? Seriously.

Waiting on brother. After he had pitched a fit all the way to school about his sweater. No more reindeer sweater for Jackson. He said Callie would not like it (??) and people would call him reindeer boy. He did not mention his reasons until the parking lot, or I guess I would have let him change his shirt.

Looking okay.


Yep, this one sums it up. Jackson sat on the stage for the entire theatrical portion of his "Moonbeams" performance without the utterance of one syllable. He refused the lummy sticks during the instrument demonstration.

He did, however, enjoy the science demonstration. His class had been doing a study on natural and artificial light, and he is very intrigued by it.

Jackson is his own little person. Gotta love him. I know I do.

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