Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas: Sunday Snapshots

Our Elf, Flop, came to visit us. We had a welcome breakfast for him, complete with donut holes and chocolate milk. And new Christmas pajamas!

He was our centerpiece on the table for his grand entrance.

And, last night our church put on a Christmas concert. It was awesome!!! I know everyone worked so hard,and it totally showed. The music was fantastic. We have so many anointed, talented, and gifted people at our church. But most importantly, I was reminded again of what this season is all about. HIM! Happy Birthday, Jesus!


The Ridge Family said...

We have an elf now too, Scout! :) Ansley is more into than Cooper for now. Love all the new pics and the devotion you all are doing sounds great!!!

kathy said...

Love the outfits...and the pics of Jackson and Claire! Jackson is a stinker!! :)

V-n-J said...

They are so cute!!! The kids are loving our elf too. Ria had no clue last year but this year she just knows she has to find cos that's what Javan does!