Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas: Jesus is the King

Friday, we reread Isaiah 9:2-7, and talked about how Jesus came to be king. We made a crown and decorated it with some old shiny beads I had in my jewelry box. Jesus came to the world as a baby, and he grew up to be the King of our heart.

Emma, Jackson, and Claire love playing with the Little People Nativity. It was a gift from Nana, and they LOVE it. Jackson was having a healing service with the Baby Jesus Friday, and it was pretty entertaning.

Friday night, my parents and our little family met my aunt, uncle, and cousins at a restaurant in Huntsville for dinner. Then, we went to the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens were decorated with all kinds of lights and we got to drive through. It was very pretty. They had a little exhibit for the kids to play around in, too. Fake snow, cookies, Santa.

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