Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday: A Day in the Life

2:11: Claire woke up. I put her pacifier back in her mouth. She screamed. I rocked her. She screamed louder. I nursed her right back to sleep. Ilayed her down. She cried. And cried. I think her teeth are giving her a fit. I brought the Baby Papasan and put it by my bed. At 3:00 she went back to sleep. I know this is probably not Babywise, or Happiest Baby on the Block, or any other great theories, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

6:44: Claire is hungry again. She nurses, and is back asleep. Hate I didn't get to see the newspaper guy zoom by this morning. Just kidding. Blake left for work.

7:15: Jackson woke me up...he has slept for 14 hours straight. Crazy. He wants to lay in the bed with me and me tell him stories about pirates. I do my best to become cognitively alert enough to form a plot.

TV time for Jack. Shower time for Mommy. Pretty sure we are going to have a pool day, so no need to fix the hair, make up, etc. Running shorts it is!

Claire wakes up for the day. We meander into the kitchen. Breakfast time. Eggs, applesauce, toast, and milk for Jack. Claire had cereal and applesauce. Jack ate every bite and wanted more of everything....all that sleeping must have made him hungry. I obliged.

One of the doctor people from yesterday called me back and made a doctor's appointment. Dishwasher unloaded. Load of laundry started. Kiddos dressed. Teeth brushed. Beds made. We played. We talked. We laughed. We smiled. I love them so much. They are my sunshines.

Claire nurses again, and goes down for her morning nap. I start another load of laundry. Emptied out my diaper bag to give it a wash. After Claire falls asleep in the mornings, I usually try to just have one on one time with Jackson...whatever he wants to do. Today, he decided we were going to have an indoor baseball game. He even brought me a pair of pretend cleats (ballet flats). We read books....he is still so obsessed with trains.

We made plans to meet Robin and Ben at the pool. We packed our lunch and waited for the princess to wake up. Claire woke up, and we headed to the pool.

Claire ate her lunch, Jackson wasn't hungry. We put on our SPF 167 sunscreen, and had an awesome time swimming. Jackson and Ben played pirates. Blake got off work early and joined us. Jackson ate a little lunch in between finding treasure and jumping off the diving board. They swam for almost 4 hours. FUN SUMMER TIME!

We got out of the pool....I printed off a few things for our Wednesday night class. Blake bathed Jack. I brought the kids home...they crashed on the way. Blake put them in their beds. I showered and got dressed for church. Claire woke up, and I gave her a bath and got her dressed for church.

I packed our bag for church. Woke Jack up to change his clothes...he had drank too much pool water...took care of the linens, and headed out to the door.

We taught our sweet little class. We taught about the sixth day of Creation. So fun.

I packed up the troops, we picked up Emily to spend the night with us.

Got home...Jack played outside with our neighbor for about an hour. Came inside..he still hadn't eaten dinner...fixed him some snacks...he announced he was "hitting the hay." For real, I don't know where he comes up with some of the stuff he says. He is so funny.

I nursed Claire, and put her to bed.

Started a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and picked up toys.

Fixing to go read my Bible, pray, and read my devotion book.

The. End.

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A Little Family of Five said...

That sounds like a great day. So much like mine. I decided long ago to celebrate the little things we do as homemakers. So way to go momma. Kuddos for doing the laundry, dishes, and remembering to feed your kids.