Friday, June 24, 2011

8 Months Of Pure Joy!

She is 8 months old, and we are so thankful to be her parents. We are all still totally smitten by her, especially her big brother.

I am not sure her weight or height....thankfully, we have not had to visit the doctor's office in a few week, which means no ear infections.

Eating: She still nurses 6-8 times per day...around 1:00 am, 6:30....and about every 3 or 4 hours during the day. For breakfast, she usually eats cereal (oatmeal or rice) mixed with fruit. For lunch, a fruit and veggie, and for dinner cereal and a veggie. She also likes Baby Mum Mums. She loves sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and green beans. Sometimes she likes peas, sometimes she doesn't. She likes the veggies better than fruit....her favorites are prunes (gag) and blueberries. She likes whole bananas cut into tiny pieces, rather than pureed.

Sleeping: Interesting, unpredictable, and a very light sleeper. She usually gets up at 1:00 to nurse...sleeps until 6:00, and then sleeps until about 9:00. She takes a nap about 10:30 and sleeps about an hour. Then takes another nap around 2:00 for about an hour, and will often take a little nap after dinner. She goes to bed about 8:30. She loves to be rocked and likes lullabies playing on her CD player...she is also very attached to her Bear Bear and this little pink is so sweet. She also must have her paci to sleep!

Temperament: Still a super easy baby. She loves to be held, and doesn't like a lot of noise and commotion. She starts crying really loud if anyone raises their voice. I think it hurts her feelings! She also has started experiencing some seperation anxiety.

Other things: She is sitting up really well. She is showing some signs of starting to crawl...kind of scooting around. She has two little teeth. Loves to be read to. Can say "uh-oh", dada, mama, bubby (Jackson), hey. She is waving and clapping a little bit. She wears a size 3 diaper, and is still wearing some 3-6 month clothing, and some 6-9 month clothing. She has tiny feet...her shoes are still size 0 and 1.

We love our little Claire Bear.

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