Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Our local forecast said bad weather was on the way Wednesday afternoon. Blake drove my car to work, just in case he would be driving home when the weather got bad. I had no idea what the day was going to bring to our area. As soon as I got out of the shower, I turned on the news....they suggested our area take immediate shelter. I grabbed Jackson, put Claire in her car seat (I was thinking this would protect her most if something happened), and took the mattress off of her bed. We went to the hall bathroom. I turned up the TV as loud as I could to hear further instructions. My plan was for us to get in the bathtub and cover our heads with the mattress, if need be.

I took Capri Suns, a flashlight, and dry cereal to our safe spot, and convinced Jackson we were going on a really cool adventure. He was going to eat breakfast in the bathroom (like I would ever really suggest that!) The news anchor then stated a funnel cloud had been spotted just miles from our the school I used to teach at. We prayed.

Blake and I were texting back and forth. I stayed in contact with my mom, mother in law, and Brad called to check on us. Schools dismissed. Blake and I decided to go to my parents' basement for "Round 2." We were safe, and fine. We came home after what we thought was the worst part had passed.

The weather got worse as the night went on. There is tons of damage to our area.

Sadly, people lost their homes. And their lives.

It will take years before communities recover from yesterday's storm. We took these pictures today, about 15 minutes from our house. The damage is very severe all over the Southeast.

We pray, and try to help, the best we can.

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