Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day at the Museum with Jack and Claire

Jackson woke up Wednesday and requested a trip to the Museum. We did not really have any other plans, so we all got dressed and headed downtown for the day. He really liked the "Bob the Builder" exhibit, so we spent much of our morning upstairs. Claire enjoyed "The Little Yellow House." This was her first trip where she was old enough to really get out of her stroller and enjoy. We such a fun time...the only minor catastrophe happened while we were walking back to our car...Claire's blankie fell out of the stroller...I realized it when we were almost back to the car...we parked several blocks away....luckily, it was still laying on the sidewalk. I am not sure who would have been more upset, Claire or her mama. She loves that blankie.

I really enjoyed my time with Jackson on Wednesday. He is becoming such a little boy. So curious. Always asking questions. He wonders why things work the way they do. He is growing up, and I love the little guy he is becoming.

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