Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 Months Old

Madeline Claire was 7 months old on Saturday. She is still a very "easy" baby. She is still super sweet and so cuddly. We are all 3 very smitten by her!

Weight: 25th percentile
Height: 50th percentile
Head Cirfumference: 50th percentile

What is else is going on with Madeline Claire?

Eating: She nurses 6-7 times per day. She is also eating rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, and green beans. She loves it all!

Sleeping: She is sleeping in her crib. Both of my children have decided to adapt a new sleeping schedule. They are going to bed around 9:30...Claire wakes up about 4:00 to eat, and then sleeps until 7:30...a morning nap around 10:00, afternoon nap around 2, and a cat nap after dinner. She likes to be rocked to sleep, and has a blankie and bear she likes to sleep with...we remove it before we go to bed, though.

Temperament: Easy going and sweet. She only cries when she is hungry or overly tired. She is sometimes a "hip monkey." She loves to be held. She is a little uneasy if somebody she doesn't know tries to hold her these days.

Other things: She is smiling, cooing, laughing, and making some distinct sounds. She wears some 3-6 month clothing, and can wear some 6-9 month outfits. She wears a 2 in diapers. She is rolling from her back to her tummy, and is sitting up...just a little wobbly. She also likes her Exersaucer, and still loves her swing. She loves when we read to her, and thinks Jackson is awesome!

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