Monday, May 2, 2011

6 Months Old and Wellness Check Up

Madeline Claire was 6 months old on April 14. She continues to bring our family so much happiness. She has such an easy going temperament, and is just sweet as can be! She is very cuddly! And she is a mama's girl....I love that!

Weight: 25th percentile

Height: 50th percentile

Head Cirfumference: 50th percentile

What is else is going on with Madeline Claire?

Eating: Nursing about 8-10 times per day. She drinks a bottle of breast milk every once in a while. Lately, if I leave her with a bottle, she will drink about an ounce, and refuses to drink any more of it.

Sleeping: She is sleeping much better. She goes to bed around 10:30, and usually sleeps until about 5:00. Sometimes she wants to nurse about 2:00. She wakes up for the day about 8:00. Sometimes she wakes up crying for her pacifier at night. She still takes a long morning nap about 10:00, and an afternoon nap around 2:00. She still cat naps alot in the evenings.

Temperament: Easy going and sweet. She only cries when she is hungry or overly tired. She is sometimes a "hip monkey." She loves to be held.

Other things: She is smiling, cooing, and laughing. She wears mostly 3-6 month clothing. She wears a 2 in diapers. She loves a little panda bear I bought her to be on her face when she is sleepy, as well as a particular blanket against her face. She is rolling from her tummy to her back and sits up with support really well. She also likes her Exersaucer, and still loves her swing. She has recently starting making some distinct sounds (like Ma-ma and Da-da).

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Tiffany said...

Okay she is getting too big too fast. I so hope ya'll are coming up soon, I wanna kiss that sweet little hip monkey!