Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 34 of 2013: In Pics

I know I missed a few weeks of our weekly pics, but we have been busy!!  Instead of backtracking....we will just start where we are!  This time of year is always busy for us.  Blake works many days from 6:30 in the morning until after 9:00 each night, and we do our best go see him at the football and softball games in the evenings. Of course, Jackson and Claire don't mind because of the concession stands!

Jackson laid these pajama pants out for Blake the other night.  I hope that Jackson and his daddy are always best friends.  Jackson adores Blake.  The relationship is obviously mutual. 

This freaking spider had built a web on the deck the other day.  I walked through the web and this thing feel on my head!!!  I was dancing around a like a lunatic making sure it was off of me!!  I seriously ended up taking a shower while the kids were napping because I swear I could still feel it crawling on my head (although it clearly wasn't).  Our new to us house backs up to the woods and we have many interesting creatures around! 

A day or two after the tarantula imposter visited, our sweet Lady had the worst anxiety attack ever!  We put her in a crate in our garage when we leave our home, and she got out while I was out with Jackson and Claire.  It began storming and she got sooo upset.  We had to pay a contractor to come fix the damage.  Thankfully, it was a friend from church and I don't thing he charged us full price!  Blake and I now have to watch the forecast daily and make sure she has her Benadryl if there is any chance of a thunderstorm!  Lady is the sweetest dog ever, so seeing her like this is very hard! 

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