Monday, August 12, 2013

The Great Kindergarten Experience of 2013: Week 1

After much thought and prayer, Blake and I decided to keep Jackson at home for Kindergarten this year.  We have been thinking about it for a while...not knowing what to do, nor what school he would even be zoned for since we just moved last month....and at the end of the day, Kindergarten at Home just seemed to be the best option for Jackson at this time.  So we are going to have lots of fun learning this year, and getting used to our new home! 

Here is what happened at this fine establishment of teaching and learning last week, as well as our curriculum choices for this school year. 

Daily Calendar Routines (Blake may/may not have a very lovely blackmail video of me doing "Macarena Months" in the playroom). 

Number of the Day (Numbers 1-5)

Singapore Math (Lessons 1.1-1.5):  Similarities and Differences

Recipe for Reading (Letter C; practice pages 1-5)

Guided Reading:  
Sight Words:  I, a, is 
Jackson read several books on his own (Level A)

Read Aloud:  Listed at the top on chart paper.  We read 13 books last week.  

Handwriting Without Tears:  Practice Pages 1-7  (He actually loves this, which I thought he would actually is one of his favorite things to do each day).

Writing:  Daily Journaling.  Right now Jackson is working on drawing a picture and telling me a story to go along with it.  We are working on beginning sounds for each word.

Science:  Jack worked on his observation skills and we started talking about the scientific method and safety when doing experiments.  We did an experiment that involved putting Ivory soap in the microwave.  We also learned a valuable lesson on listening when I told Jackson not to touch the soap after it had been microwaved (he touched it anyway), and burned his hand (not bad, but enough to learn a lesson).  And I was really glad I wasn't a classroom teacher at that time having to fill out an accident report. :)

Social Studies:  We are learning about maps and communities.  We found Jack's house on the map, discussed his new home, drew a map of his bedroom (using a map key), and went on a tour of the community and took pictures of all the places we play, work, and where he lives. 

Bible/Scripture Memory:
Grapevine Studies:  We started our Bible curriculum, and are starting with Old Testament.  We learned about the first 3 days of Creation.

Memory Verse:  Psalm 51:10
"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

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kathy said...

Sounds like a great start!! Excited for you guys!!