Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 2: The Great Kindergarten Experience of 2013

Daily Calendar Routines
Number of the Day (Numbers 6-10)
Singapore Math (Lessons 1.6-1.9):  Similarities and Differences< Unit 1 Review and Assessment

Recipe for Reading (Letter O; practice pages 6-10)

Guided Reading: 
Sight Words: can, and, in

Jackson read several books on his own (Level A)

Read Aloud:  We read and explored 8 books last week.  

Handwriting Without Tears:  Practice Pages 8-13 

Writing:  Daily Journaling.  Right now Jackson is working on drawing a picture and telling me a story to go along with it.  We are working on beginning sounds for each word.  He is also learning to use sight words in his writing. 

Science:  Science in the Kitchen, Activity 1:  We read Blueberries for Sal, and Jack made blueberry muffins.

Social Studies:  Maps, Communities, and Globe Unit.  We continued drawing maps, looked for maps at the zoo, explored the atlas, and discussed the Compass Rose.
Bible/Scripture Memory:
Grapevine Studies:  We completed our creation study, and discussed the Sabbath.

Memory Verse:  O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you.  Psalm 63:1

Field Trip:  Zoo

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