Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life on Lightning: 29 Days until Moving Day

Today, we continued packing up the kitchen.  Who knew Blake and I could pack so much stuff into 1228 square feet?  Oh. My. Word!!  This is the Goodwill pile...from the KITCHEN! 

This little girl was up for an after bath photo shoot.  Her hair looked so cute after I dried it!  She can't ever wear it like this because it all falls in her face, and she can't stand it. 

She looks like a little girl now, rather than a baby.  She is amazing!

We packed this china tonight.  It is really special to me.  My Aunt Joann, who I loved dearly, gave it to me before I got married.  I am very excited that it will now have a place in our new house!  It is old, as I believe she used it in her home before she gave it to me.  I will pass it onto Claire one day. 

Blake made his first liquor store run today.  Only to get boxes.  :)

Happy Monday!

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