Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week in Pics

This week, Blake was off work!  I LOVE going on vacation, but I am not going to was nice staying home.  I actually feel rested and relaxed.  We had so much fun just hanging out together.  We went out on the boat with my dad, went swimming a few times, went to Steve's Landing for dinner, went to the mall, Blake detailed my nasty car, and Blake took Jack to see Kung Fu Panda at the FREE movie on Thursday.  Just a normal week, but we were all together! :)
 Spider Man goggles in the car.  Sure. 
 I decided to clean out our shared closet space (this occurs often, we would both enjoy separate spaces), and decided to take some of my winter clothes to Jack's closet. Um, yeah.  After a loud noise this morning, this is what we found.  Nice.  On tomorrow's to do list.  

Claire has is obsessed with finding my make up, and pitches a big ole fit if I take it away. 

It was 106 today.  We may have let Claire run around in a diaper.
She got the mascara confused with the lip gloss.
Other Randoms:
  • It is challenging interesting having two mobile and verbal children.  
  • Jackson is swimming and jumping of the diving board with no floaties.  A regular swimmer.
  • I have lost 24 pounds since January of 2011.  I have 6 more to go until I weigh what I did the day Blake and I married.  Things sure don't look the same, but the number on the scale will hopefully be. I want to try some new recipes.
  • My best friend is pregnant, and due December 26.  I am super excited!!  
  • I have entirely too many of Jackson and Claire's outgrown clothes in the attic.  I am going to try to put some things on Ebay next week.
  • My cup is overflowing with thanksgiving for my little family.  God has given me the most amazing husband, and Jackson and Claire are daily reminders of how faithful my God is. So thankful for this season of my life. 

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