Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creative Discovery Museum: Tinkertoy Exbibit

Today, we met our friends Amy, Livi, and Kenzi at the Creative Discovery Museum.  The Tinkertoy exhibit was pretty neat.  He was most fascinated with the bee keeper exhibit, dinosaur exhibit, and the outdoor area on the roof.   We had a great time, but there was a grumpy lady working in the "Little Yellow House" that was cracking me up.  I think she was having a bad day, or just didn't like children.  The "Little Yellow House" is an exhibit designed for children 4 and under, and she went behind the kids picking up every toy they got out with this mechanical claw.  I think she must have worked at the Smithsonian before, and forgot she was working in a children's museum. Our membership expires August 1, and I plan to take Jackson and Claire back many times before it expires!  Love that place.

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