Saturday, March 17, 2012

Studiopendous 2012

Last night, we went to Studiopendous at Jackson's school. Each child sold tickets, and the tickets included dinner catered by Carrabas, a tour of the student art gallery, and a number to participate in a silent and live auction. It was a chance for Jackson to show off his art work, and for his school to have a fundraiser. He was so excited!


A mosaic Jackson's class made for the live auction. It sold for only $275 dollars in the Live Auction. I have never been to an auction before, and it was quite an experience. We have a $5 book with a picture of the lovely mosaic as a keepsake.

Jackson's watercolor. All of the artwork was mounted and titled just like a real art museum.

So proud! I love this boy!

As you can see, Jackson titled this CD mosaic he made "For Sister." My heart grew about three sizes when I realized what he had made for Claire.

All of the other students had picked out rocks and gemstones for their mosaics. Jackson picked out all of the girliest, shiniest, most sparkly items, and made this for Claire. The art teacher told me Jackson was so excited that he had made this specifically for Claire. He had really put thought into it, because he has noticed she loves "bling" and sparkly stuff!

This is a collage Jackson made. He explained that it was light black, not gray. He also said they hung it upside down, and pointed out he had made a monster truck and a thing for it to jump over.

I am so proud of Jackson! He is such a thoughtful and kind little boy. He has my heart!

There are disadvantages to a 7:00 bedtime! Ha!

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The Sandefurs said...

His school sounds very cool! I said "awe!!!" out loud about his blingy art for sissy. He's precious!