Friday, March 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

After school treat!

Why, hello there, female version of Blake.

Yesterday, I met Blake's cousin, Mindy, at the mall to walk. This is her little baby Leo. He is so sweet! This was the first time I have met him, and I sent this picture to Blake. He responded, "Try to contain yourself." Ha! He knows how much I LOVE babies! I am very excited that I am going to have TWO babies (that are not mine) to love on this fall. My brother's wife, Jill, is also pregnant, and due in September.

Every day when I pick up Jackson at school, the school smells like freshly baked bread. Every morning, the director bakes a loaf of bread, and one student gets to take home the loaf of bread from the day. It is really sweet to do this, but I think the reason behind it is really interesting. According to research, young children remember experiences with their senses, their sense of smell being the strongest. So, the school smells amazing every day while the bread is baking, and their hope is the students will associate this wonderful smell with all of their great experiences at school. We enjoyed eating our bread last night with our leftover roast, couscous, and pinto beans last night!

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The Sandefurs said...

I didn't know Jill was pregnant! Congrats to your family on both sides.