Thursday, January 5, 2012

3: 15 Month Check Up and Fun at Jack's Favorite Place

Claire at Dr. Wiley's Office.
Jackson wanted to go to Barnes and Noble after we left the doctor's office. I was nice enough to share my gift card with him. :) I can't say no when he wants book, and I think he secretly knows that. All cuddled up in his new reading chair. With his throw. Like mother (and father), like son.

On Tuesday, Claire had her 15 month check up. She weighed 19 pounds, 13 ounces (10th percentile), and was 28 1/4 in length (10th percentile. Her head was in the 75th percentile. She got a great report from the doctor. Her ears are even clear, for the first time since October. Dr. Wiley put her on Singulair a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to really be helping with the constant snot and cough.

She is so much fun! We love her so much. She is talking a ton, and loves to be held. All the time! I told my mother in law the other day that I needed to find a way to permanently attach her to my hip. She says, "Mommy, hold me," most anytime she is not in my arms. Other words she says are: Jack, Daddy, Nandee, Nana, Papa, Pop, Brad, Lady, dog, whoof, cat, wa-ee (water), yo-gi (yogurt), bitey (bite), paci, need a paci, book, eye, read, hey, banana, cookie, Away (singing Away in a Manger), Amen, cracker, wow, nite nite, bye bye, and her newest favorite, NO!!.

She is still not walking, but is pulling up and cruising around the furniture now. She has not taken any steps, yet. She is climbing alot, and we have to keep an extra eye on her. She is pretty fearless. Jackson was always, and still is, very cautious, and she is not.

The girl can eat! Her favorites are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, rice, pasta, applesauce, bananas, yogurt, cheese and grapes. She also loves Ritz Crackers, and will only drink water, and sometimes a little milk. She does not care for meat or juice, at all. She has a sweet tooth, too...loved my mom's chocolate pie she made New Year's Day. Also loves vanilla ice cream.

She loves to sing, dance, and be read to. She likes to play with Little People, and Jackson's cars and trains. We love her so much...I am enjoying every moment with them both, because it really is going by. Way. Too. Fast.

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Amy said...

Yay for a good checkup!! They are both growing at lightning speed! Love those sweet babies!!