Friday, January 20, 2012

20: Fun Friday

I forgot to grab my camera Friday morning...I meant to take it to Jackson's wild and crazy tumbling class. Several new children have joined the class, and it is now mostly all boys. Two of the other little boys are in Jackson's preschool class. They jump on the trampoline alot and do handstands on the wall, and lots and lots of running. He has the best time. We also worked on the Letter B this week, memorized a few verses of scripture, and worked on writing his name. He also told me this week that he loved me very much, and that I was the best lover he had ever had! I about died laughing!! Still getting some words used out of context!

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The Wood Family said...

Oh my! The best lover he ever had. Hilarious.

Love all of his little lessons. You are awesome!