Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thanks for the Chicken, Walter

Our family has been working on our eating habits...not dieting, just eating healthy, nutritious foods. The foods God has given us to eat. Less processed foods, and more fresh, wholefoods. We have been transitioning and making gradual changes, since January. I have been buying organic milk, and meat that does not have added hormones, and organic produce. Lots of whole grains, very little sugar. (I still have not kicked my Starbucks habit, still my favorite treat). We watched the documentary "Food, Inc." a few months ago, and that is kind of what got us interested in making these changes, among some other things. Anyway, we have also been going to the Farmer's Market and getting some locally grown food for a couple of weeks...cantaloupe, squash,tomatoes, zucchini...all from Dunlap. My next big step was to start buying fresh from the farm, grass fed meat....this was a big step...kind of grossed me out...but....yep, I bought 1/2 a ("processed") chicken from a guy named Walter on Saturday. My chicken was "processed" last Thursday, I bought it on Saturday, and we ate it for dinner last night. It was delicious...the best chicken I have ever had. All these changes are taking me back to Little House on the Prairie...always knew I had a connection with the Ingalls.


Tiffany said...

Love me some farm fresh chicken!

V-n-J said...

well you heard my fresh chicken stories ... it really is the best tasting chicken you will ever eat!

The Wood Family said...

Love it all. Yay for whole food. Looking forward to our farmer's market trip soon. We should plan a pilgrimage to Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri? =)