Sunday, June 9, 2013

Life on Lightning: 10 More Sleeps

 This weekend we got a lot of our things packed up, and moved to the garage.  The kitchen looks cluttered, but actually every cabinet is empty, except for one that is holding essentials that will be the last thing we pack and the first thing we unpack.
Most all of Jackson and Claire's toys are packed, with the exception of the trains and Batman toys that are on the train table.  These will also be a last to pack, first to unpack.  Most everything in the living room is ready to go.

The hall bath is completely packed, and scrubbed from top to bottom.  I actually locked the door so that we don't even go in there this week!

Claire's room will be our last project.  She has to have her crib to sleep in, and all toys are packed except her kitchen, which will be moved with the furniture. 

We finished Jackson's room this weekend, except for his bed and a few other last minute things.

Jackson keeps asking how many more sleeps until we move, and the official countdown is now on!

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