Friday, May 4, 2012

Phone Photo Drop: Part 1

 Since Blake and I got our Iphones (our one guilty splurge, :) ), I have found myself documenting some funny things, I probably would not take time to otherwise.  Take this ferris wheel for example.  I picked up Emma and Jackson at school yesterday (Claire and Izzy were also with me), and Emma says, "Hey, Mrs. Alisha, how bout we just not go to your house, and you take us to the fair?"  I can just see myself getting 4 kids out (2 four year olds and 2 one year olds) and going to the fair.  I know people have four kids, and go do stuff all the time, but I can't imagine going anywhere, except a drive thru or a car wash, so outnumbered.  She cracked me up! 
 And Claire.  She has started undressing herself in her bed.  The other day she was butt naked in her crib after her nap!
 Blake and I moved the play area around in the back yard Tuesday night.  I am pleased with how it looks. 

Wednesday, I took Jackson to Tutu and Papa's house and he got to pick strawberries out of her strawberry patch.  SO FUN!
I ran every day this week.  I even got up a few times and ran before Blake went to work, like at 6:15.  I FINALLY hit the 20 pound mark in the scales.  I had  to exercise to get the rest of this baby weight off!!!  I weight what I did when I got pregnant with Jackson....10 more until wedding day weight....I can do this!! 
Jackson, what would you like for breakfast?  
Um, how about some warm blueberry muffins? Umm..okay?
Sweet Eli.  We have been watching Amy's little boy a little bit.  He is funny!
Emma turned 4 last weekend!  She had a princess party at the park.
Blake put coffee money in my sweet is that?
So thankful for this boy!!  He is awesome.  Today, during devotion time, I told him we were going to talk about Abraham and Sarah...he said, "Oh, that's the story where they prayed for a baby when they were old, and God gave them a son."  Sometimes, I really am quite sure he is paying no attention, but little ears really are listening!

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