Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Birthday Season

 Our weekends have been keeping us busy the past several weeks!  It seems most of our friends celebrate their birthday in April or May!  On Saturday, we celebrated Ria's 3rd birthday, and Jackson's friend from school, Rebecca's 4th birthday.  The pictures posted backwards, and I am too lazy to reverse them! :) 
 Ria is getting ready to blow out her candles.  She is in our Wednesday night class, and we love her to pieces!  Claire thinks she is super awesome.  I love to hear her say "Ria."
 We love you, Ria!!  Her mom is the most creative person ever.  Everything was so cute at her Ice Cream Social! 
 Saturday morning was actually a first for us.  We have obviously been to the zoo before, but this was the first birthday party we have been to that was a school party.  All of the other birthday parties we have attended thus far are really the children of friends to our family.  Most of the children's in Jack's class were there.  It was really a fun time.
 We got a nice guided tour of the zoo, had cake and more sugar, and a treasure hunt. 

Happy Birthday, Friends! 

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