Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And Some Random Pics off my Phone

Diva Claire. Best Buddies.
My big boy.

My kids love to go to the grocery store. We walked in the door the other day...Claire said, "I want cookie. I want bawwoon." (balloon)

Pigtail Princess

Yesterday, I took Jackson out for a little mommy and me time. He went to my dental appointment with me. He chose Panera for breakfast, and a trip to Books A Million. We read Batman books for a really long time, and I let him pick one to bring home. That sweet boy went and picked up a purple book for him to buy for me. He is so precious! I loved having some time just the two of us. I could tell it was really good for both of us.

Blake and I also had a parent teacher conference yesterday. It went well. His school is so individualized, and I could tell they really knew alot about Jackson. They had a powerpoint presentation of him doing all of the things he can do at school. I loved seeing pictures of him learning new things. I really wish he could stay there until it was time for college! Next year, he is going on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Just for me to remember: Last night, I made Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups...They were really good, but obviously had spinach in them. Jackson did not want to eat his dinner, and when we asked him why, he explained to us that he did not like to eat bushes for dinner.

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