Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Indian Boundary Camp 2014

On Friday morning, we loaded up our tent and went to Tellico Plains for the weekend to camp.  This was our first real camping trip as a family of 4.  We took our tent and other essentials, and had a great time!!  Jackson is such an outdoors man!  I took more pics on my phone, but these are the few from my camera.

Highlights Include:

1.  Surviving a rain storm within the first hour of our trip.

2.  Teaching Claire to pee in the woods.

3.  Jackson catching a fish!

4.  Claire pretending to set the burglar alarm on our tent before we went to sleep, and thinking that fruit punch came out of the water "pump" rather than water.

5.  Me flipping of the air mattress in the tent.

6.  Riding bikes and going to the store.

7.  Jackson roasting marshmallows with a tree limb, rather than a stick. 

8.Me making sure the trash cans were closed and the animal latches were secure before going to sleep for fear of bears.

9.  Donnie made reservations that were across from the restroom and bath house...I am grateful.

10.  We had a blast.  My kids were so happy, and I can't wait to go again!!

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