Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Because School Starts in 38 Days!!

 I saw this idea on Pinterest...Lego Sensory activity.  I adapted it for us...basically pour all the Legos in a bucket of water.  Add Dawn soap, and do whatever you will.  I added some other kitchen tools for water play.  We added some ice.  Claire was concerned that the ice went away, so we had some conversation about ice melting in warm water.  They both LOVED this...and the Legos are disinfected!

My parents had a bunch of old electronics, etc. at their house and we asked if we could have them for Jackson to take apart.  He worked on taking this phone apart today.  There were all kids of magnets and cool looking parts.  He said he is taking all the parts and making a pumpkin machine tomorrow!  We shall see.  

We also played some baseball tonight.  Jackson was very patient and showed Claire how to hit!


And Claire LOVES to catch fireflies at night.  It seems there are more this summer than I remember in the past.  Or maybe I just notice them more because of Claire's obsession with them.  

I didn't make a summer bucket list this year like I did last year.  But, that doesn't mean we are not being very intentional with our time together!  This summer, I didn't want to make every day a major event...but, I desire lots of special time doing the ordinary.  Blake and I also want to eliminate the words "Hurry Up" from our vocabulary.  I feel like Jack and Claire hear that all the time!  "Hurry, clean your room.  Hurry, make your bed.  Hurry up, brush your teeth, get dressed.  Hurry up and eat your breakfast...Hurry up, get in the car."  

Blake is taking off the rest of the week!  We are sooo excited.  We have several projects around our house to do, and just want to enjoy having everyone at HOME!  

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