Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List Wrap Up

Yeah, I know...it is October 1.  And summer was over a while back, but since we are still wearing shorts and it is in the 80s most days, I am just now at a place where I can feel like summer 2013 is really over!  We had 50 items on our Summer Bucket List, and although we didn't do every single one of them, I felt as if we had a great summer!  We made lots and lots of memories, and more than anything, I felt like Blake and I were more intentional with our family time.

Here are the things we did do (many of them had their own posts, but some didn't):
  • played on a Slip and Slide
  • hosted a play date
  • played in the water at Coolidge Park
  • ate ice cream at Cold Stone
  • saw a movie (Planes)
  • made a late night run for donuts
  • go to the beach
  • go to Alabama and visit
  • play in the water at The Passage
  • visit the zoo
  • visit the aquarium
  • visit The Creative Museum
  • ride a train
  • go to Happy Hour at Sonic
  • walk across the Walnut Street Bridge
  • go fishing
  • ride on Papa's boat
  • join the library
  • attend VBS
  • Jackson: attend a camp
  • play in a plastic pool
  • drive to Tellico Plains
  • visit the Strieplings
  • look at the stars
  • go to a Lookouts Game
  • move into our new to us house
  •  begin each morning with devotion and prayer time
  • blow bubbles
  • play with sidewalk chalk
  • go to the Chattanooga Market
  • go to the Farmer's Market
  • go on a date with each child
  • not kill the grass at our new house
  • ride a carousel 
  • go on a picnic
  • swim at Nana's
There were a few things that we didn't do:  go to Chester Frost, go camping, watch fireworks,  ride bikes at the Riverpark, roast marshmallows, make milkshakes, go to to Pump it Up, buy a new water table, go to Lake Winnie, visit the Hunter Art Museum, and start recycling.  Maybe next year. 

What kind of prompted this whole summer bucket list idea was somewhere I read a blog entry about "18 Summers."  We have 18 summers with Jackson and Claire before they go off to college (yikes!).  My kids certainly don't have to nor need to be entertained every day, but summer is a fun time!  And I do feel we made the most of Summer 2013! 

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Britt612 said...

Well this post made me cry! Thanks for the reminder that I know only have 16 more summers with Leo - wow. I think the summer bucket list is a wonderful idea, you guys did a great job.