Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Great Kindergarten Experience, Week 6

Reading:  sight words, number words, color words, BOB books 3 and 4, rhyming words, the Letter M (Recipe for Reading).  I was going to keep track of read aloud book...I write them in my plan book, but we read so many books, I can't keep up with it. 

Writing:  Morning Message, Daily Journaling, Handwriting Without Tears.  We also learned about putting a period and question marks at the end of sentences.

Math:  Singapore Math 3.1-3.5, calendar routines.  We introduced the estimation jar this week (M&Ms).

Bible:  We finished part 1 of our Grapevine Studies (the Tower of Babel)  Memory Verse:  Luke 10:27

Science:  We read many books about the moon, recorded facts, and completed a phases of the moon project using Oreo cookies.  We also did an experiment (basically to continue teaching scientific method) using whole milk, food coloring, and Dawn dish soap). The combination created a color explosion!

Social Studies:  Maps and Globes

Field Trips:  A train ride from Chattanooga to Chickamauga, tour of the Gordon Lee Mansion, and "stargazing" at Aunt Lydia's dad's house.  Jackson saw the moon, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, M25, M17, and Hip110439.

Around the house:  I added dinner prep to Jackson's chores.  You can thank me later Mrs. Freeman of the Future.

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Debbie Farmer said...

love watching Jackson learn!!