Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week 1 of 2013: Our Pics

Few things are more depressing. :(

We took a road trip to meet my BFF's baby this week.  She is a snuggle bug!!
Meet Jackson's latest creation.  Mr. Robot.
More Elliott. 
Camino Real in Murfreesboro.
Sissy went to visit Mrs. June this week.  They LOVE going to get their hair cut!
2013 Scrabble Score:  Blake-1, Alisha-0 (In my defense only a 12 point loss).
Blake wants to cook more.  I told him to have at it!  He is taking over Saturday night dinner.  No complaints from me.
New Year's Eve beverage. 
Jack started back to gymnastics this week. He told us these moves are really going to help him at work (the Batcave).
So, I bought this the other night with some Christmas cash.  I was reading it, and commented to Blake that it was much harder to understand than my NIV.  Somebody switched the boxes, and although the box says "New King James Version," it was a King James.  I returned it and got what I wanted.
Jackson tried to tie our Christmas tree to the wall with the dog leash so that we wouldn't get rid of it.  Poor buddy.

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Tiffany said...

Haven't checked out the blog in a while mainly because my computer logged me out and I was too lazy to figure out my password. Cute pics, and all of the newer posts too.