Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Snapshots, Edition 1 of 2015

Our little loves all dressed up for church this morning!  Jackson must have thought he was going to meet Darth Vader on the way to Children's Church this morning!  

I am hoping to start blogging more consistently in 2015.  I really haven't blogged much since August 2014.  I have missed it, and it is something I enjoy doing...writing about my family!  I may do a 2014 recap, but there are some super sad parts of 2014 that I am not sure I am ready to share a lot about right now, but maybe I will someday! 

 For now, we are looking at the gifts, joys, and healing that each new day brings.  God has literally carried us from November 6, 2014, and still is today.  He has been so good t

o us in our sorrow, and I have never been more thankful for the hope of Heaven.  We rest assured that God has a perfect plan for our family, and we are trusting Him to carry us through each day. 

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