Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Night, Crib

So, on a whim, we decided that Claire is completely potty trained, we would make the full transition into "big girl" and take her crib apart.  This was probably a fabulous idea so that we could get used to these new sleeping arrangements before Blake goes back to work!!  Claire was super duper excited.  I was super duper nervous, because she is a FABULOUS sleeper!  She is doing okay, but there is an adjustment curve.  She hasn't taken a nap yet.  But, this could be due to the fact that Blake has been off work and we have had no schedule at all in two weeks!  We will see how Monday goes.  It will all work out.  We also took her pacifier away (don't judge!).  I was going to take it away sooner, but after a conversation with the dentist, he told me to chill out about it, and she would quit taking it on her terms.  Imagine that!  If you truly know Claire, you can totally appreciate that comment!  We did try to take it away (she only gets it at night), and it was terrible.  She turns into this creature I am not sure I even recognize!  So, perhaps by the end of 2014, she can go to sleep without her favorite accessory. 

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