Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas this year was super fun!!  It was very fun buying and giving gifts to our children this year.  There were very grateful, and it was just a great day.  This year, Claire asked for a purple rubber ducky and Barbie doll for Christmas.  Jackson asked for a snowboard and 2 skateboards (1 for his best friend Ben).  We continued with our 4 gifts idea from last year.  Jackson and Claire also bought gifts for each other.  They also get stocking gifts.

Want:  Ninja Turtle Sewer Hideout (and extra skateboard and snowboard)
Need:  Basketball
Wear:  Ninja Turtle T-Shirt
Read:  What Does a Fox Say?

Want:  Doc McStuffins Check Up Center
Need:  Paper and Markers
Wear:  Sofia Shirt and Leggings
Read: Audrey Bunny

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