Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 15 of 2013 In Pics

A couple of weeks ago, Blake and I kept hearing a scratching sound outside our bedroom window about 4:00 every morning.  I actually just heard it, and then Blake heard it after I woke him up.  We could not find what it was (think flashlights and pajama pants).  We discovered some creature had dug a burrow on our AC unit and made a nice home.  I called the wildlife branch of our pest control company.  They said it sounded like a freaking armadillo.  This would also explain why we have had no ant problems this spring (an armadillo eats as many as 30, 000 ants in a single meal).  The above pic shows Jackson getting ready to take care of the critter with a light saber and shovel.  Turns out it was a raccoon...not as exciting as an armadillo, but we are so, so, so thankful that the raccoon did not tear up our HVAC.  Mr. Wildlife said raccoons often chew up all the wiring, sometimes electrocute themselves and die in the unit causing a horrific smell.  Can you imagine??  So, we filled the little suckers home up with gravel and dirt, and a small boulder and haven't seen him again. 

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