Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life as we Know it

Jackson stays in character about 75 percent of the day.  His imagination is amazing.
Claire and Jackson LOVE to feed the birds our stale bread.  I am pretty sure Lady eats it all, but it is a highlight of the week.
My broccoli lover.  A weekly dinner staple. 
All ready for school.  I got Claire to wear a pair of jeans, but after lunch she wanted them off, and wore a diaper the rest of the day.  She wears dresses. :) 

Claire and I made a donut run to the new Donut Palace on Saturday morning.  I may or may not have had the courage to go in Publix and pick up a few things in my pajamas. 
My little lefty may have had a gross motor skill delay, but her fine motor skills are amazing.  

Our days may be simple, but they are filled with so much joy.  I love every giggle, every smile, and am thankful.  So very thankful.

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